Through my lens: Pranoy Sarkar on using photography to manifest dreams into reality

The Delhi-based photographer speaks to Cosmo India about experimental image-making, staying true to oneself, and more.

Through my lens: Pranoy  Sarkar on using photography to manifest dreams into reality

Creating a safe space in the chaotic environment through visual storytelling and pushing boundaries to turn dreams into reality, we have talented photographers who make this real with their images. Delhi-based photographer and creative director, Pranoy Sarkar has a remarkable sense of storytelling through experimental image-making. 

Image credit: Pranoy Sarkar

The ability to craft narratives through imagery is unparalleled...

My journey in photography dates back to 2007, when I developed my inaugural image in a darkroom, using a borrowed camera. It marked the inception of my love affair with the art of image-making. For me, photography transcends mere visuals; it is a medium through which I can manifest dreams into reality.

A great photograph prompts viewers to delve beneath its surface...

It compels them to ponder and contemplate beyond the obvious. To distinguish myself in a sea of photographers in the country, I try to remain authentic to my core values and artistic vision. It is about staying true to oneself amid the noise, carving out a unique identity in a crowded space.

Freedom embodies a sanctuary where individuals can freely express themselves without the fear of scrutiny or judgment...

It (the sanctuary) is a nurturing environment conducive to personal growth and self-discovery, irrespective of one’s background. I strive to capture the essence of freedom as exemplified in a photograph created for Indianwear brand Torani, depicting the divine forces of Indian rivers. In this image, the river is personified as a goddess, symbolising her resilience, vitality, and transformative power, embodying the notion of liberation and renewal derived from nature’s omnipotence.

Image credit: Pranoy Sarkar

To be a visual storyteller in today’s age is both an exhilarating and challenging feeling...

While digital platforms offer unparalleled reach and immediacy, they also present the risk of content saturation and transience. Despite these challenges, I am fuelled by the prospect of exploring the rich tapestry of India’s untold stories, particularly in its most remote and exotic locales. My wildest vision entails embarking on a photographic odyssey across India, uncovering hidden narratives and celebrating the country’s vibrant cultural mosaic through captivating imagery.

Image credits: Pranoy Sarkar 

This article originally appeared in Cosmopolitan India Magazine, May-June 2024 print issue.

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