Who is Saba, the ‘showstopper’ of Coke Studio Pakistan’s latest viral banger ‘Blockbuster’?

While music lovers have marvelled at this outstanding one-take video, it’s the little girl who steals the show with her voice.

08 July, 2024
Who is Saba, the ‘showstopper’ of Coke Studio Pakistan’s latest viral banger ‘Blockbuster’

If you’re a fan of Coke Studio Pakistan, you probably know who we’re talking about. If you have been living under a rock and have absolutely no idea about who we’re talking about, here's everything you need to know about the latest viral song, Blockbuster. The latest chartbuster from the music show that’s captivated audiences was shot with 400 extras. This is also their largest one-take music video created to date. It has impressed music lovers and makers alike. Safe to say, the track has pushed the boundaries of creativity and music.

But it's not just the technical aspect that people are talking about. Having raked in close to 19 million (and counting) views on YouTube, the song features a young girl, Saba, who has got everyone talking. Introduced in the song at a pivotal moment, she comes on screen with immense grace and confidence in her voice. She has been unofficially dubbed as the ‘showstopper’ of the song. 

Who is Saba and how did she come to feature in the song?

Th,e song’s producer, Xulfi recounts the tale of first meeting Saba at the rehearsals of the track. The ‘Gharwi Group’, an all-women folk ensemble, arrived at the studio with a young girl who was taking care of her little brother. During the recording session, Xulfi heard the girl’s voice soothing her brother with the lyrics “Cutey teeno mein samjhariya wey chhod de to funkariyan” (Hey cutie, I’m telling you, drop the act my love) and he was instantly captivated. He asked her to join the recording session. The rest, as they say, is history. The entire Coke Studio team was blown away by her confidence and flawless delivery. After a few grooming sessions, the little singer, Saba, found a spot in the song.

What is the song all about? 

The song, bursting with Pakistani pride, features the duo Faris Shafi and Umair Butt (of Butt Brothers), and the Gharwi Group (Abida, Rooha Rawal, Sajida Bibi and Saba Hassan) who bring their vibrant Rajasthani heritage to the forefront to celebrate the bold spirit and cultural richness of Pakistan. Co-written by Xulfi, Shafi, and Butt, the track shows Shafi and Butt walking through a bustling Pakistani lane. The people in the traffic, pedestrians, and roadside businesses, all gather to celebrate a momentous occasion.

Shot in an extensive set constructed in a village with more than 400 extras and 200 crew members, the song witnesses an entire crowd coming together to embody the camaraderie and togetherness that defines Pakistan. Directed by Zeeshan Parwez, Blockbuster celebrates unity and reminds us about the power that dreams have. Shafi and Butt urge the listener to believe in themselves and own their individual stardom. 


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Another standout feature of the song is its choreography by the Norwegian urban dance group, The Quick Style. In the song, passengers aboard a bus perform their moves with Shafi on board along with the Gharwi group adding local flavour to the number with their unique soul and style. Their catchy lyrics, “Vey baby rickshaw mein kar liya main tere waley aariyan…vey mar janiya” (Baby, I took a rickshaw and I’m coming to you) further add to its mass appeal, making it a hit that we won’t stop enjoying anytime soon.

With its one-take video, energetic choreography, and Saba’s adorable voice, Blockbuster’is just what its name suggests. It’s time to play it on loop! 

Giving the song an Indian touch, that finds its roots in Punjabi music, is Lost Stories, a producer, composer, and DJ duo of Prayag Mehta and Rishab Joshi who have added a new flavour to the track by dropping their own Blockbuster (Lost Stories Remix) version. You can listen to their version here.

Lead image: Coke Studio Pakistan

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