Why do we crave romance during the monsoons?

The downpours call for dancing in the rain and snuggles inside blankets. 

28 July, 2023
Why do we crave romance during the monsoons?

Think of when Gabriella Montez sang Can I Have this Dance while dancing with Troy Bolton against a heavy downpour and the golden hues of the sun or when Noah and Allie share a kiss just as a thunderous storm comes their way in The Notebook or even in Wake up Sid, when Sid and Aisha rush amid Mumbai’s lashing rains to give each other the tightest hug. The rains invoke longing—a craving for intimacy, love, and romance. There’s something more than magical about walking hand-in-hand with your boo under an umbrella, or cuddling with them during a thunderstorm. But what makes the rain any more romantic than the other seasons of the year? What makes us crave warmth in the midst of a downpour? We’ll let you in on the whats, whys, and hows of it all, and we hope  you get all snuggles you need this rainy season. 

What is it about the monsoons that evoke romance? 


It’s simple—it’s the softness of the droplets, the rejuvenating energy after tepid weather, and the inherent beauty that it brings along. “Rain forces us to slow down and take shelter together, naturally drawing us closer. Through its visual beauty, rhythmic sound, clean smell, and wetness, rain makes a strong impression on our senses, causing us to focus on our shared experience in the moment, which creates an immediate sense of feeling in sync,” says Dr Chloe Carmichael PhD. “We also have a deeper desire to be in or around water because that feels restorative to us. When we are in the womb, our very first feeling of security and comfort comes from being engulfed in water. Even as we grow up, sensory deprivation tanks claim to offer plenty of healing. It can also come down to early days of human civilisation wherein settling in a place with water bodies and good rainfall meant better food security,” says Akanksha Narang, our in-house writer who specialises in relationships. 

“Monsoons are an intense sensorial experience that connect us with nature. The smells, the humidity we feel on the skin, and the sound of water falling all have sensual associations at a visceral level. They signal to our brain that it’s time to engage with the senses and maybe slow down, too. We often then connect sensorial experiences with romance,” says intimacy coach and founder of The Intimacy Curator, Aili Seghetti. “Nature is highly erotic. The way clouds are impregnated with water vapour, a lover’s soul, body, and mind is filled with passion,” adds intimacy coach Pallavi Barnwal. 

Why do we crave intimacy and romance during the season? 


Think about all the times you’ve craved a hug or a steamy make-out session, while it’s pouring outside, or felt the irresistible urge to grab your beau and take them dancing in the rains. There are many reasons why most crave romance during this season, and Narang lets us in on one of the most significant ones. “We’ve grown up watching actors getting super cosy in rains—from being outdoors and kissing under an umbrella to being indoors and cuddling away in the pleasant weather. It’s safe to say, pop culture has further cemented the association between rain and romance for us. Rainy days also come with the need for taking shelter or being indoors, which allows couples more privacy and some downtime for bonding. The pitter-patter somehow shuts out the noise of the world around us, allowing us to feel soothed, and as water reduces our stress, you’re naturally more inclined to seek the pleasures of life. The cool weather also makes you want to snuggle up with your boo or even go on a drive with them, listening to some romantic music and kissing them as the rain fogs your windows.” 

“Rain also creates a sense of solitude since you cannot go out. You get to pause and think of your desires which otherwise is difficult in this fast-paced life. I also feel rains give a poetic experience to sex and intimacy,” says Barnwal. 

Here’s how to get super intimate during the rainy season 


Here’s how you can get infinitely more romantic with your boo during the rains. If you’re looking for a romantic adventure amid a storm, then a long drive and a steamy make-out session in the backseat of a car would be the perfect idea. To make it more romantic (and wet and steamy), step out, dance in the rain and get back into the car to turn up the heat. 

For those who want to stay in, there are many things you can do to increase emotional intimacy. “Create couple rituals that will help you nurture the relationship. You can cook, paint, dance, read poetry together, or even listen to music,” says Seghetti. You can keep it low-key and cosy by spending the night cuddling, but you can also let the rain guide your thoughts and feelings, and try something new—a sexual fantasy, a new position or anything else. “Taking the time to identify the things that arouse and stimulate our senses allows us to intentionally stay connected to our body and pleasure. Rains are an apt occasion to practice sensual living,” says Barnwal.