Will kitchen raves be the new dining trend this summer?

You’ve seen the open kitchen trend; now get ready for the musical kitchen! 

24 April, 2024
Will kitchen raves be the new dining trend this summer?

While on a typical Saturday night, you may feel like just showing up at your go-to brewery and simply enjoying an evening out, sometimes, that just doesn't make the cut. We crave new experiences, especially in the culinary landscape. Distinctive dining experientials, like the theatrical presentations at Le Petit Chef in Delhi, or Hakkasan’s immersive dinner experiences where everything from the decor to the menu, and cocktails, are in complete symmetry (look up their recent Year of the Dragon menu if you don't believe us) thus, become the joy of our existence.  

The demand for new immersive dining experiences has shown up in pop culture as well. If you’ve watched the movie, The Menu, chances are that you are a person who appreciates the beauty of experiential concept dining. Although mellow, the soundtrack in the film elevated the whole experience, portraying every emotion of the craft and the experience, even for us viewers. Safe to say that music and food are a comforting match made in culinary heaven.

Tapping into this potent combination, Harshith Bangera and Chef Siddharth Shetty of The Baykery reinvented experiential gigs with Kitchen Rave where the art of cuisine is complemented by pulsating beats. You will feel like you've stepped into a rave party, and you won’t be wrong. But would a rave party see the chef cooking up treats right next to the DJ? That’s right, the music (DJ) and food (chef) stand united behind one single counter, prepping the food (and music) right in front of your eyes. You might even get to lend a hand and plate a few treats if you want.

Although many unique dining experiences have emerged lately, Kitchen Rave's skeleton is a brand new, unexplored territory. Usually, people sign up for concerts and other gigs to unwind over the intoxicating power of music, where cocktails enjoy supersedence over ingenuity in food. But would you have ever imagined eating a Gianduja Tiramisu while tapping your toes to EDM? Kitchen Rave's two gigs so far, one in February and the second earlier this month, made it happen and how! 

Does that mean the world is ready to 'eat, rave, repeat'? Only time will tell.

All images courtesy of Kitchen Rave

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