#YogaDay: Here's how yoga can transform your sex life

Enhance flexibility and boost intimacy with these asanas.

01 July, 2024
#YogaDay: Here's how yoga can transform your sex life

For centuries, yoga has been seen as an effective form of exercise, known for its physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. From reducing stress and anxiety to dealing with physical ailments, there are very few issues that yoga can't heal. But did you know that yoga can also help transform your sex life? 

While we've heard about dancers being the best in bed due to their flexible dance moves, yogis too, can ace sex positions with their flexibility. And since today is Yoga Day, we're here to give you a few tips on how to incorporate yoga into your morning routine so you can enjoy a few amazing night scenes as well. 

Here are some ways in which yoga can transform your sex life and the asanas to practice to maximise the benefits of each.

Enhances flexibility

The first and most obvious benefit of yoga is that it can help make you more flexible. But how does that happen? When you practice yoga, you must hold each asana for a considerable amount of time. This helps stretch your muscles, which increases mobility, thus leading to increased flexibility, allowing you to try out that adventurous position you read about on the internet. 

A simple yoga practice by a holistic health coach, Dr Mickey Mehta to enhance our sexual life.

"A simple yoga technique in our busy life to enhance our sexual life would be Pawanamuktasana. Either you can do seated, that is simple or lying down and hugging yourself tight. Breathing out as you hug and breathe out completely. Suck your stomach in tight and put your chin above your knees or forehead to the knees. Remain breathed out for a long time and this will improve sexual strength and sexual stimulation."

Cat cow pose

This particular yoga sequence enhances your pelvic mobility, which is the most important factor in a good sexual experience. Performing this every day for a few minutes can help you achieve better orgasms with your partner. For this asana, get on all fours, place your hands under your shoulder, ensure your knees are under your hips, and arch your back as far as you can. 

Expert advice on how yoga helps in strengthening pelvic floor muscles by Dr Mickey Mehta, a holistic health coach 

"Yoga is all about from core to extremities. The core is a central point where when you get centred in your sadhana and dhyan and hold any body posture in any direction, made be against gravity, towards gravity, in longitude or latitude. The center to the extremity is the connection and the core holds it all. So for example, Naukasana, Parvatasana (mountain position), Bhujangasana, Dhanurasana, Chakrasana, in every asana you have to engage from your core towards your extremities.

So your pelvic floor muscles become strong and core and pelvic floor both put together are advantageous in stimulating your sexual drive, sexual strength and sexual performance."

Straddle pose

The straddle pose opens up your inner thighs, allowing you to stretch your legs as far as possible. You don't need us to tell you why this asana helps. All you need to do for this one is sit with your back leaning forward and your legs stretched out as wide as possible. Trust us, this one's going to help you master your sex life.

Increases stamina

Do you have a habit of dosing off just before you climax? Trust us, no one likes that. Practising yoga regularly helps improve cardiovascular health and respiratory efficiency, thus improving your stamina and strength, allowing you to enjoy long lovemaking sessions with your boo.  

Boat pose (Navasana)

The boat pose is a great way to build strength and stamina for those rollercoaster rides in bed. You can perform this pose with your partner by sitting across each other, stretching out your hands and legs to form a "V" shape but make sure your knees are bent. 

Enhances sexual stability with your partner

Apart from enhancing flexibility and stamina, yoga also aids in balance and coordination, which is quite important especially if you love experimenting with complex albeit adventurous sex positions. And yoga can help achieve the correct balance. 

Tree pose (Vrikshasana)

To get into this pose, stand tall, place your right foot on your inner thigh, and join your hands. This pose shifts your body weight to your left leg, improving coordination and balance for those exciting positions. 

Promotes blood circulation

Stretching your body during yoga promotes movement, enhancing blood flow to various parts of the body. This improves oxygen delivery to tissues, leading to improved circulation overall. Enhanced blood flow can heighten sensitivity and arousal, making intimate moments more intense and pleasurable.

Expert advice on how yoga releases stress and anxiety because of which you can't perform sexually by Dr Mickey Mehta, a holistic health coach.

"So typically when your mind is full of nonsense, it goes astray. It is pressured with demands, disturbed with hurt pain, there is an occurrence of infliction of fear, the anxiety of future and disturbance of the past. With all these, obviously your blood circulation is constricted and it is not optimum. Even your nitric oxide release which is great for the dilation of your muscles and pushing blood to your genitals gets restricted. So lying down in Savasana, doing Yog Nidra (a guided meditation), sitting in Dhyan, opening up your shower, doing a bucket bath and calming down, lying down in the grass or looking up into the sky. Breathing it all out in dhyana or simply doing Bhujangasana, back right leg front, back left leg front back, again bhajan asan back into mountain position, right leg front back, left leg front back, even stretching and doing some asanas can release physical, mental emotions knots. This too can activate your libido and sexual strength."

Downward dog pose 

Start by getting on your fours, then begin to lift your hips and straighten your arms and legs, pressing your heels down into an inverted V shape. You will immediately feel the stretch, which means an increased blood flow throughout your body. Practising this pose regularly will guarantee heightened orgasms each time.

Hormone harmony with yoga

Lastly, maintaining reproductive health is crucial for women to ensure healthy sexual experiences. Yoga increases hormone levels by stimulating the endocrine system. This practice improves blood flow to the glands and balances hormone production, supporting reproductive health and enhancing sexual vitality.

Salamba sarvangasana pose

For this pose, lie on your back, lift your legs and hips, and use your hands to support your lower back while aligning your legs and torso vertically. This pose promotes hormone harmony, making it ideal for all female yogis.

Dr Mickey Mehta, a holistic health coach, shares his client success stories, who have experienced positive changes in their sex life after practising yoga.

"So in my 44 years of being in this career and profession, we have dealt with many couples and they have experienced growth. Especially men, and also women where the marriages haven't been successful because of women's low sexual drive. We have supported such people too. So we have counselled them, given them nutrition, herbal supplementation. But most importantly, given them good yoga practises, sadanas and Pranayama. However, it has to be done under good supervision only. We have always had a 100 % success rate."

So boys and girls, let's use this ancient practice to modernise our sex lives and achieve fulfilling sex. Embrace this year's yoga Day 2024 as an opportunity to explore these benefits and transform your sex life for the better!

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