You are 6 podcasts away to fall in love with your body, again

This week, we’re hugging ourselves just a little tighter

07 November, 2022
You are 6 podcasts away to fall in love with your body, again

We’ve all experienced it—the drowning insecurity because of the stretch marks on our waist, the angst of putting on a figure-hugging dress, and the subtle, supposedly unintended and nonchalant remarks that remain ingrained in our minds for a time way longer than we presumed. This week (and for every week to come) we’re choosing otherwise. We’re choosing to love our bodies, side rolls and all! Here’s a list of podcasts by hosts who chose the same.


Fat. So? by Ameya and Pallavi  

Fat So?

This podcast speaks of being unapologetically fat. Often, fat people are made to feel that they don’t fit. But things, experiences…life is hardly one size fits all. While Ameya is a self-proclaimed cat lady, cook, lover of cuddles and conversations, Pallavi is, in her own words, ‘Fat, female, forty and an explorer of the self.’ In the podcast, Ameya and Pallavi discuss the highest of highs and lowest of lows of being fat—the dark humour and the silver lining. Their conversations touch upon themes of loneliness, sex, love, self-love, and fat phobia among others. They speak about their journeys, experiences, and stories to navigate their way towards self-acceptance and love, and inspire us to do the same!


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SHOUT! On Radio: Victoria’s Secret is to Smile by Mythili Zatakia

Victoria's secret is to smile by Mythili Zatakia

The Shout! Network is an online platform that does just what it claims—shouts—the inadequacies and the ridiculousness of it all. In their podcast series, ‘Victoria’s Secret is to Smile’ host Zatakia brings stories of women from all walks of life—a dancer, an architect and more. These are stories about building the right relationship with food, perceiving your body in a positive manner, and being kind, compassionate and empathetic towards others, keeping in mind what their body and mind might be going through. The lessons are simple really, and sometimes all we have to do is listen.


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I Weigh with Jameela Jamil by Jameela Jamil

I Weigh with Jameela Jamil

In 2018, I Weigh was founded as an allyship platform to engage, empower and amplify—voices, ideas and stories. The podcast focuses on issues of mental health, climate change, food habits and more. In an episode on I Weigh, stand-up comedian Margaret Cho joins Jameela Jamil to discuss aspirational whiteness, eating disorders, and living alone. In another, author and podcaster Aubrey Gordon speaks of fat phobia, the racist history of BMI, and how to have good-faith conversations about your body. Also listen to Caitlin Moran speak about her daughter’s relationship with food, an eating disorder, and motherhood. Navigate your way through body image issues with these women.


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Affirmation pod by Josie Ong

Affirmation Pod by Josie Ong

Sometimes, no amount of guidance, fitness routine, or diet can help you understand and love your body better. These times call for conversations with yourself in the mirror and being kinder to your mind, heart and body through positive affirmations. The Affirmation Pod is here to help you do just that. Hosted by digital creator Josie Ong, each episode touches upon different themes such as success, confidence, and gratitude among many others. Here are some of our favourites to help you get through days when you feel like your body isn’t enough—Prioritising self-care, I am still enough and I will love and care for myself. Depending on how you’re feeling, pick your morning affirmations from a host of episodes and give yourself a whole lot of love.


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Living In This Queer Body by Asher Pandjiris

Living in this Queer Body by Asher Pandijiris

Living In This Queer Body is a podcast hosted by psychotherapist and clinical consultant Asher Pandjiris. Having been a programme director at Balance Eating Disorder Treatment Centre and with years of experience with trauma issues and its impact on the human body, Pandjiris brings to the forefront stories and experiences of the queer community. From discussing eating disorders, the restless mind, and the importance of rest with New York Times writer Jenna Wortham, to listening to healing justice practitioner Erica Woodland speak about being black, gender queer and the lessons he learnt from a burnout, this podcast is here to tell you that you’re not alone no matter your body size, gender or sexual orientation. You are heard.


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Food Heaven by Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones

Food Heaven by Wendy and Jess

Started by the nutritionist duo— Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones—who also happen to be best friends, the podcast aims to build a creative community through food. Each week, they speak to wellness experts, researchers, and others to discuss pressing topics such as health at every size, food and culture, mental health, wellness, eating patterns and body acceptance. From period cravings to what to do when your clothes aren’t fitting you—they’ve spoken about it all. For all those who are looking for a sustainable journey of wellness and body positivity, Lopez and Jones are here to guide you. Here’s a pro tip: Take a glance at their online platform for recipes and other nutrition guides!


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