Your guide to having the perfect ‘Hot Girl Summer’

Rule number one: be yourself.

20 May, 2023
Your guide to having the perfect ‘Hot Girl Summer’

In 2019, Megan Thee Stallion coined the term "Hot Girl Summer," inspired by her song featuring Nicki Minaj. This phrase remains a popular buzzword on social media and for good reason. "Hot Girl Summer" is commonly used by women to describe a summer filled with fun. Megan Thee Stallion herself explained that it means being unapologetically you, confident, true to yourself, and the life of the party. The beauty of this trend is that it simply requires you to be yourself.

The definition of Hot Girl Summer encourages girls and women to embrace their authentic selves without worrying about society's opinions. It's about defying norms and rejecting society's expectations for women. What started as a summer trend has become a regular part of our Instagram vocabulary, proving that Hot Girl Summer is here to stay. As Sheilla Mamona writes, Hot Girl Summer is more than just a term—it's a lifestyle. This global phenomenon empowers women to be their best and authentic selves, regardless of their relationship status or how they navigate their sexuality and spirit. No man or pandemic can hinder that.

Do you need to be in your best shape, be single, or go on luxurious vacations? No. If you're wondering how to live your best life and have the best Hot Girl Summer, look no further. Cosmo India provides you with the ultimate guide.

A Hot Girl Summer is all about the mindset

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Before jumping on the Hot Girl Summer bandwagon, it's crucial to adopt the right mindset. You don't want to check off items on your bucket list while feeling insecure or lacking confidence. Start by practising self-love affirmations, avoiding excessive scrolling on Instagram, and embracing your mind and body as they are. The Hot Girl Summer mindset involves internalising a fabulous perception of yourself.

Elevate your fitness game

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We're not suggesting toxic fitness regimes that involve starving yourself or burning out quickly. Instead, priorise your health and physical fitness. Dedicate time each day to get your endorphins flowing. Working out goes beyond achieving a "bikini body" or being "sexy"; it's about feeling sexy. Start with twenty-minute yoga or cardio sessions and gradually increase the intensity and duration of your workouts.

Girls support girls 

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Inclusivity and empowerment are at the heart of Hot Girl Summer. It's counterproductive to bring other girls down or lack support. Hot girls uplift and encourage one another. You can help a friend wear the dress she's been hesitant to wear, plan a girls' night out, and assist your mother, compliment others to bring smiles, or show appreciation to your loved ones with gestures like buying them flowers.

Experiment with your wardrobe

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Hot Girl Summer is all about being yourself, so take this opportunity to experiment with your summer outfits. Define your own version of "hot" and skip following summer trends. Opt for a vibrant colour palette, accessorise your looks, or choose simple prints with neutral tones. Make bold choices that embrace the essence of Hot Girl Summer. Consider indulging in some retail therapy to create a super-chic summer wardrobe, turning it into a fun pampering activity.

Embrace your s*** era (or not) 


If you're open and proud of your s*** era, we definitely recommend embracing it, joining dating apps, and having a hot and steamy summer. Don't let the fear of judgment get the better of you—remember, it's your Hot Girl Summer. However, keep in mind that HGS is not solely defined by this aspect. You can enjoy your singledom without feeling pressure to date or be in a relationship and focus on self-love and me-time during your summer.

Go out 

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Whether it's a solo trip, a solo date, an all-girls vacation, or anything else, make the most of your HGS and live your best life. Explore new places, have new experiences, meet new people, and let your Hot Girl Summer be about fully embracing each moment. Spend time with yourself by volunteering at a local charity, going shopping, treating yourself to a good meal, or anything else that brings you joy. You can also gather your girlfriends and plan a nearby weekend getaway or an extended vacation for even more fun and memories.