5 Easy Ways to Clean Up Your Space

Goodbye mess!

Do you want to be organized but are overwhelmed by 'stuff' all around you? Decluttering can sound intimidating, but it does not have to be at all! Here's some tips to declutter your space in no time!

1) Set a time. Set a designated time to declutter. Try to avoid any distractions during this time and focus on clearing out as much as possible.

2) Tackle one area at a time. Whether it is a specific room or a small space inside a room, stick to one spot. It's important to only move on to the next area after the first area is fully cleared.

3) Create 4 piles: Keep, Donate, Storage, and Trash. Keep only things you really need and donate anything that is in reasonable condition but you do not use or wear. Put anything in storage that doesn't have an immediate use but has sentimental value like a wedding dress. Throw away anything that is tattered, broken, or has stains.

4) Group like things. Try your best to group similar things together. It will make it easier for you to find like items and if needed will force you to get rid of multiple items that are exactly the same.

5) Purge, Purge, Purge. ​Clearing things out is, not only good for the home, it's good for the soul. The general rule to remember is if you haven't used or wore something within the past year, chances are you are not going to miss it whatsoever. Finally, let it go, and enjoy your new clutter-free life.