7 Things You Will Understand If You Bottle Your Emotions

Especially #6




Some people wear their emotions on their sleeves; you are definitely not one of them. Here are 7 things you will only understand if you are the type of girl who likes to keep her feelings to herself.

1) PDA = oh, hell no!  

2) When someone starts pouring their hearts out, you literally do not know what to do. 

3) Sad, sappy movies make you crazy.
You often wonder why people bother watching these movies! 

4) You would rather do almost anything but cry. 

5) ​The most frequently asked question you get is...
"Are you OK?!" (The answer always is a yes!)

6) You definitely have a resting bitch face. 
And you are damn proud of it! 

7) People always think you are judging them. 
But you could be literally thinking about nothing.