Should You Give Him Your E-Mail Password? 6 Girls Share Their Thoughts

Yes, no, maybe…should he have access to your e-mail account?




"No, I don't think I would. It's one of the few things that people won't judge you for not sharing. Plus, it's better to keep him guessing!"

—Aditi M., 23

"I actually gave my password to my boyfriend because I needed to send an urgent e-mail and didn't have access to the Internet. I haven't bothered to change it."

—Jayati m., 25

"No I wouldn't. It's a matter of trust and privacy. What if I'm expecting a job offer or medical report that I'm not ready to discuss? My e-mail is private!"

—Priyanka s., 25

"As long as it's mutual and no one is being forced or blackmailed into giving their password, it's totally cool!

—Ankita K., 23

"If he really needed it then I wouldn't hesitate to share it. But, a little bit of individual privacy is okay. We trust each other enough to respect the other's personal space."

—Vanshika w., 22

"He's my boyfriend for a reason and I trust him. Sharing or not sharing passwords makes no difference to me."

—Akanksha p., 23​