The 6 Most Bizarre Ways to Lose Weight

Most of us are really into #3!




The swimsuit season is almost around the corner- We've renewed our gym membership and stocked our kitchens with organic, gluten free, dairy free and basically taste-free food. As desperate times call for desperate measures, we've gathered a list of the most bizarre weight loss tips to help you on your journey to the 'bikini bod'.

1. Sniff a banana, apple or peppermint.

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Yes, we're just telling you to sniff healthy foods and not eat them. Why didn't we know about this sooner? An experiment found that the more frequently people sniffed these foods, the less hungry they were and the more weight they lost. Time to get sniffing, people.

2. Hang a mirror opposite your seat at the table.

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This shouldn't be that hard. Apparently looking at yourself in the eye reminds you of your inner goals, and your ongoing struggle to lose weight.

3. Take a picture of your food.

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Obviously, We were just taking a picture of our food to lose weight, not to Instagram it. *Rolls eyes*.

But on a serious note, snapping your food and looking back at it will help you reconsider your serving portions- all that extra cheese on your pasta or the extra croutons in your salad.

4. Fall in Love!

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What?! Researchers have found that the hormones released when you're falling in love may actually suppress your appetite. All those Netflix and chill sessions may not be lonely or involve a pizza anymore. Also a passionate kiss can burn up to two calories per minute- get off your ass and head to the nearest bar girls and boys!

5. Join Facebook!

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We're not completely convinced by this one. More than 7 years of being on Facebook hasn't made us lose any weight! But research suggests that joining Facebook would embed a constant fear in us of unflattering photos and our fat days being broadcasted all over the Internet. Or like we believe- let haters hate and tuck into some pizza.

6. Surround yourself with blue.

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People apparently eat less in a blue room, because the bluish light makes food look less appealing. So bring out your denims, buy some blue plates and anything blue that you can get your hands on to lose more weight.