Get a Flat Stomach Super-Quick With This ONE Exercise

Recommended by Harvard doctors, this effective move doesn't even require the gym or any equipments!




You're going to kick yourself when you find out what exercise we're talking about. It's the most classic of stomach workouts but often goes overlooked, behind the constant stream of strange, new trends.

And NO it's not sit-ups, or crunches.

It's actually the Plank! Just a simple, old plank is the quickest ticket to a fabulous set of 6-pack abs.

Harvard Medical School, published a health report called "Core Exercises" explaining that, "sit-ups or crunches strengthen just a few muscle groups." Whereas, "a good core workout helps strengthen the entire set of core muscles you use every day." And you need to challenge all of these muscles to get that Victoria Secret bod, we know you've been dreaming of.

Here's how you do the classic exercise – Lie face-down on a yoga mat with your legs extended and your elbows bent by your sides, and your hands clasped. Keep your feet, hip-width apart and your elbows, shoulder-width apart. Then, elevate your body and tense your abs. Keep your body absolutely straight and still. Hold on to it for a minute, and the more often you do it, the longer you'll be able to hold on to it for.

And this doesn't even require the gym or any equipments, you can literally do it anywhere! So no more excuses to get that summer body.