10 Guys Reveal The One Girlie Thing They'd Like To Try!

Even the stud-liest of studs can have some serious girl-envy.

It's always a good thing to get an insight on what goes inside the male brain. But it's even more interesting to know the kind of things they envy us girl for! We quizzed several boys on the one girlie thing they'd love to try, and put together the 10 best (and funniest) replies...

"Not having to deal with the 'stag not allowed' clause and enter any club in the city with my gang of boys! And also, put up, like, 100 Snapchat stories about it!" —Shashank S., 25

"I'd like to be able to cry in a sad movie, and not be judged on the number of tissues that have died wiping my tears off." —Mohit M., 27

"You know, I've always wondered what PMS feels like, and I'd like to try having a period... That'd definitely be something!" —Karan A., 27

"I'm not very blessed in the height department, so I'd like to squeeze my feet into some sassy pumps and strut all day." —Shaurya K., 25

"Take a long hot get bubblebath (complete with scented candles, rose petals, and all!) and Instagram the cr*p out of it." —Kartik S., 25

"Wax my legs and show them off in a sexy sundress! I actually wouldn't mind getting a full-body wax...that'll totally take a couple of kilos off me." —Arjun S., 28

"I'd like to be asked out on a date, make the girl pay, and then, dump her. It's happened to me way too many times, and now I'd like to be on the other side!" —Vatsal V., 28

"I've always been fascinated with well-manicured hands and squeaky clean feet...and I wouldn't mind getting me some mani-pedi kinda self love!" —Akshat U., 29

"Try a fruity cocktail... I've stuck to beer and whiskey all my life, and it'll be nice to sip something with an umbrella on it for a change." —Anubhav D., 30

"I'd like to get glamorous, bouncy curls. I love old-school Hollywood movies and I have a feeling I'd totally rock them!" —Sahil T., 29