This Genius Yoga Routine That Can Actually Make You Taller, is Breaking the Internet!

Your world is about to turn upside-down.




The world is moving into a whole new fitness rage, and everyone, especially the youth is turning into a fitness enthusiast. With determination and discipline, while it is possible to achieve your dream body, and get stronger and fitter, people who are unhappy with their height have no solution to their problem. Well, not until now!

aerial yoga

Enter a revolutionary form of fitness, which you probably would have heard of, but couldn't have imagined in your wildest dreams to be your miracle worker - Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga!

A new kind of workout invented by aerial performer and former gymnast Christopher Harrison, it involves performing a series of exercises which are inspired by yoga, Pilates, calisthenics and other aerial acrobatics. All of this is done, while you're hung up side down from a hammock-like apparatus!

Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga is essentially a system of yoga that can make you taller by decompressing the spinal column and aligning the body from head to toe, along with being a killer ab-workout. Performing this exercise also boosts the production of the growth hormone, which can additionally contribute to height. Now, that's really something!

How to perform this routine?

The participants suspend their bodies in silk hammocks which are hanging from the ceiling. Don't worry, the hammocks can support up to 970 kg weight, so there is no way you will fall! Like any brand new experience, it's important to go with an open mind, pay attention to detail and most importantly, trust the hammock.

The specially designed hammock acts as a soft support for the body, and helps you to master inversions, without any pressure on the head.

Aerial Yoga for Beginners:

What are the benefits?

The best part about practising Anti-Gravity yoga is that there is virtually zero impact placed on the joints of your body. In turn, this routine helps to stretch and strengthen the muscles, without the added risk of injury!

Owing to our generally sedentary lifestyle, where we spend hours driving or endless days travelling, our spine tends to compress. This routine helps in restoring length to our spine, which automatically leads to a healthy alignment, and better energy flow. Hello happy thoughts!

aerial yoga class

Special Note

Due to the nature of the class, with its flips and inversions, Anti-Gravity Yoga is not recommended for women who are pregnant. Also, if you have recently had eye surgery or suffer from vertigo, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before giving the class a try.

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