7 Essential Oils That Magically Stop Pain And Inflammation

For instance, lavender essential oil can help ease sore muscles.




1. Lavender Oil

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The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of lavender essential oil immediately relieves one of body aches that are a consequence of sore muscles. Its invigorating sweet smell is soothing and relaxing, and drives away stress and anxiety—thanks to its mild sedative effect. Mix a few drops in a tablespoon of castor oil or coconut oil and massage into the affected area for instant relief. This excellent sleep aid in a diffuser in the bedroom or as an addition to bath water before going to bed, will make you sleep off your pains.

2. Chamomile Oil

There are two types of Chamomile oil—Roman and German. While both have analgesic properties, and can thereby be used to ease off headaches as well as muscle/joint pains, they also have a 'carminative' effect, and can relieve abdominal pain due to gas.

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The roman chamomile oil can be used to treat abdominal discomfort and irritability in small children, thanks to its mild and soothing properties. Whereas, the deep blue German chamomile oil best deals with inflammatory conditions, all thanks to the compound 'chamazulene' which also gives it that characteristic hue. Chamomile oil kills lower back pain and PMS cramps in women, and is a magic wand in treating bowel diseases!

3. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil has a pleasant, refreshing smell because of menthol in it. This makes the oil a brilliant remedy in soothing the stomach and intestinal lining in case of painful spasms. This in particular, is called the antispasmodic effect of peppermint oil.

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When used topically, it relaxes muscles in the lower back, reduces tension headaches and pain due to fibromyalgia. Not just that, it is a decongestant and helps relieve headaches due to sinus congestion.

4. Eucalyptus Oil

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Similar to peppermint oil, this pungent warming oil aka Eucalyptus oil also eases sinus congestion, and muscle injuries. Extracted from the bark and leaves of the eucalyptus tree, this miraculous decongestant boasts of anti-inflammatory properties which tackle pain relief. Since it is highly strong oil, it should always be diluted with coconut oil during skin application, except in case of insect stings and bites.

5. Rosemary Oil

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Primarily used as a memory-enhancer and an appetite stimulant, courtesy its culinary herb origin. But, it can also be used as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic drug substitute. Inhale the vapors to relieve a headache or apply the oil topically to reduce joint pains and muscle soreness. What's more, it is particularly useful in treating rheumatism.

6. Wintergreen Oil

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Extracted from a North American evergreen shrub, its pain-relieving property is well-known amongst the natives since ages. Due to its toxic nature, this oil cannot be ingested, and is limited to topical use. It helps in treating skeletal pains and neuralgia, commonly used to treat arthritis and muscle pain resulting from sports injuries.Bonus, it can relieve a headache and sore throat too!

7. Sandalwood Oil

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Sandalwood oil is super-expensive and is obtained from a tree that is at least 50 years or older, if one needs the best quality. A powerful pain-reliever—be it muscle pain, skeletal pain or even neuralgia, just use a few drops in an infuser or take a daily dose of 3 drops to heal pain caused by endometriosis.