Google Has Changed Its Logo and the Internet is FURIOUS

We don't like change, alright?




We don't really know what Google thinks it's playing at right now. For at least a decade it's been there; a stable, wise friend, ready to listen and guide us in our every querying need.

But now, all of a sudden, it decides to launch a new logo and a change of name at us in the space of about a month, and we don't really know what to do with ourselves.

First of all the search engine giant decided that they needed to differentiate themselves with a 'parent company', oddly named Alphabet. We all calmed down when we realised Google will still be the name of the search engine and that we wouldn't have to integrate a new made-up verb into our vocabulary, but still, our nerves were pretty shot.

And now, NOW they've gone and changed their logo. Not just any logo, the main logo on the Google search engine, and users of the world wide web are quite frankly furious.

When you go on to Google, it rudely teases you with the old logo, before using an animated hand to wipe it away, probably using our tears as a lubricant, before replacing it with the new one. This is essentially how it plays out:

Okay, so they've basically just changed the font. But before you start thinking we're unreasonable and unsusceptible to change, take a look at this. We're not the only ones who aren't diggin' Google's shiny new kicks.

Some are lashing out in their pain and anger:

And one tweeter even had a go at making their own using Paint and if we're not mistaken it looks basically the same:

Your move, Google.

By Catriona Harvey-Jenner

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