It's Trouble For Sure For TaxiForSure

Is it too much to ask for a cab ride sans harassment?




We've barely had time to breathe post the last Uber Cab Incident , and here we are again, in that deeply disturbing rut of women being harassed in a fresh crop of ways taking the 'safest mode of transport' in the city of New Delhi to get home.

 Using the greatest weapon at the disposal of the common woman (social media) a woman spoke out on Facebook about a cabbie from the company TaxiForSure who had the nerve to masturbate with a smile on his face as he drove the woman from Saket in South Delhi to Faridabad in Haryana.

The woman's testimony goes something like this...

In typical fashion, the cab company fobbed off giving any form of legitimate response when the girl reached out to the company to complain about the incident. The parent company, OlaCabs, bounced it off to TFS and TFS responded with ridiculous cheer about the matter, attending to the complaint by promising to address it in 24 hours (like you wanted a dress returned online because it was the wrong size). To be exact, they said:

A TaxiForSure spokesperson adressed the issue, saying, "even though this driver had no track record of bad/rude behaviour/rash driving or any misbehaviour thus far, we have terminated him immediately," while TaxiForSure CEO Arvind Singhal also said, "We regret the experience the passenger had, and we do not stand by the driver's actions. The driver in question has been blacklisted by us and his services have been terminated. We will continue to work closely with the passenger, and will support the authorities in every possible manner, as and when required."

The girl in question raised a valid point via her Tweets about the matter, cultivating attention and awareness by keeping the public updated on the goings-on of the process.

We can't help but wonder, when someone does something borderline criminal, is it okay simply fire the man? Here's hoping for #GreaterJustice.

(By Saumyaa Vohra)