Syrian Children Stand In Solidarity With A Baby Who Lost His Left Eye During A Bombardment

This incident has sparked a powerful campaign that has gone viral.

Karim was just two months old when he got severely injured during the ongoing war in Syria.

His mother was killed during a bombing that took place in their neighborhood in Hammuria, a suburb of Damascus on the 29th of October. This infant who lost his mother and his left eye is being cared for by his brothers, the oldest of whom is just 11 years old, and their father.

Unfortunately, this is not an unexpected incident considering what's happening on that side of the globe and how badly the world is hurting. Each day the papers are full of war news that involves millions of innocent lives being sacrificed for nothing. But the only thing different about this particular incident is that it has sparked a viral campaign that is spreading a powerful message over the Internet.

Thanks to Amer Almohibany, a photographer who works in Damascus, people in Syria and across the world are supporting Karim by covering their eye in photos that they're taking to SM.

"I was very touched by this sad story. Even after I left Karim (he) did not leave my memory," Amer told BuzzFeed News via Twitter DM. "When I returned to the house stood in front of the mirror and covered my eyes with my hand and tried to live that experience", he added.

Struggling to let go off Karim's condition out of his mind and failing, Amer photographed his son covering his left eye to invite the world to sympathize with the innocent lives of little angels that are in tremendous danger at any given moment in Syria.

"My son a 3.5 year old, is in solidarity with the child Karim," he captioned his tweet about the photo.

Soon after that, social media started getting flooded with other Syrians and their children tweeting pictures in support of Karim, using the hashtag #SolidarityWithKarim.

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The White Helmets, commonly known as the Syria Civil Defense, also tweeted their support.

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The group has worked throughout the war, rescuing people from the rubble left behind from airstrikes and bombings. from the rubble left behind from airstrikes and bombings.

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Our hearts break for humanity...

#SolidarityWithKarim is a beautiful campaign that is restoring our faith in universal brotherhood and hope for peace.

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