Your Daily Horoscope for Friday August 23rd

Our in-house astrologer tells you whats in store for your sign✨

Aries                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Astrology: With Venus transiting to your natal House of Happiness, along with Mars combust and Mercury in your House of Happiness, you will find yourself consumed with household matters. Start the weekend by shopping for the house.

Tarot: The Queen of Disks and the Ten of Wands will push you to the next level, which will help you get your work sorted. You might feel over-burdened with responsibilities, so ensure that you delegate. You may also find yourself fighting on all fronts and this may give rise to a profound sense of loneliness.



Astrology: With the moon in your natal Zodiac, you are likely to battle emotional disturbances. A romantic day with your partner lies ahead, it will help put you in the right frame of mind to sort out your issues. With Venus in your House of Happiness, things are looking good on the home front.

Tarot: The Chariot indicates that you will be in control of yourself today. A long-awaited overseas job opportunity might finally come your way today. Taurians, an exciting surprise is en-route, so buckle up! You might consider buying a new car today.



Astrology: Now that Venus has stepped into your House of Confidence, prepare yourself to make a foreign investment. A new career opportunity is making it’s way to you. Consider spending quality time with your family and loved ones today.

Tarot: If you are able to find your path and follow the right direction, you will surely get the results you desire. Have to meet a deadline? You might feel a bit confused, but power through. The Stars indicate that your luck will favour you today. Things will happen the way you want them to, so just go with the flow.



Astrology: Today, your entire focus will be on improving yourself as a person. With Venus, Mars and the Sun in your House of Communication and the moon in your House of Gains, you will shine like the star you always wanted to to be, today.

Tarot: If you’ve been looking to expand and explore things on the career front, today seems like a good day to do so. Your long wait for an overseas job opportunity might finally come to an end! Take some  time out and get your Visa work sorted. Good news! You might get that raise in salary you’ve been waiting for.



Astrology: With Venus along with Mars and the Sun combust- a Stellium in your natal zodiac, you might find yourself at the centre of attention today. With Jupiter directly in your House of Happiness, a difficult challenge might not seem to be as impossible as you thought. 

Tarot: Some of you might be worrying a little too much about sorting out some financial issues. You might also be wondering why things are not working out. Relax, let go of your worries and start afresh. Establish a POA and move forward, things will fall into place. 



Astrology: Things are looking good on the financial front, luck will be on your side today. With the Lord of Money in your House of Fortune, a certain female figure will guide you through your day. For those of you who are looking to strike a business deal or propound a novel idea, today seems like a good day. If you are seeking a change or a money raise on the job front, consider asking for one. Things will work in your favour. 

Tarot: A long-awaited career opportunity might finally be coming your way. A romantic relationship might also be brewing and could go to the next level. Virgos, today you will be able to accomplish all that you desire.



Astrology: Today you might feel a little over-burdened with your work. Despite feeling disoriented, establish a clear-cut plan of action and work towards it to make things happen the way you want them to. Put a little effort into restructuring your career and things shall be okay.

Tarot: Avoid a tiff with your boss. If it feels like a situation is going out of control, it would be advisable to walk away from it or remain silent. If you do choose to get involved in such matters, you might find it difficult to get out of them. Do keep your stress levels in check to avoid making matters worse. 



Astrology: Now that the Lord of your Relationships and Sex Life is in your House of Work, you should look forward to romantic day! Your bond with your partner will also strengthen. Travel also seems to be on the cards. With Mars in your House of Profession,  you might want to consider investing in a new car or a technology gadget. People around you will surely give you some support.

Tarot: Travel seems to be on the cards, although it may not go the way you had planned. You will come across some hurdles today, but don’t worry, you’ll be able to find your way around them. Your boss or spouse will provide you with some ‘conditional’ support today.



Astrology: Be careful that all your efforts don’t go down the drain. With the Lord of Gains in conjunction with the Sun and Mars combust in your House of Fortune, things will work well for you. However, you might have to go for a health check-up.

Tarot: Sagittarians, today you should be grateful for all that you have. You might find yourself disappointed with some things around you. Try to change your perspective and practice some gratitude instead. 



Astrology: Be a little tender towards yourself and your partner today. Don’t let a squabble change the equation that you have worked so hard to build. Keep a close tab on your health. Your finances will pose to be a challenge if you don't spend wisely.

Tarot: The presence of The Fool and the Knight of Swords suggest that anxiety might be building up. You might want to take some risks or start afresh, but you will find that there is a lack of support at the moment. Therefore, avoid taking any risks currently, or you might get into a chaotic situation. Practice yoga or meditation to keep calm.



Astrology: With Mars combust, and the Sun and Venus in your House of relationships, be watchful of your relations with people. Jupiter's presence directly in your House of Profession will be the saving grace, as a senior professional will guide you through your work.

Tarot: The presence of the Two and Six of Cups suggests that you will have a romantic day with your partner. You will probably meet an old friend who will help you get through many things. A strong relationship that will bring you joy is on the cards.



Astrology: You will be happy and calm today, with Jupiter direct aspecting your natal zodiac. However Venus, the Sun and Mars indicate squabbles aspecting your Relationships require you to focus on your family.

Tarot: Pisceans, success, fame and being the centre of attraction is what the Sun brings to you today! You have been over-burdened with responsibilities lately, but you will be able to handle them with ease. You might have to work a little harder than usual to set things straight and get things going.


Predictions by Shruti Dwivedi Email: shrutydivedi@gmail.com

Instagram: ://ShrutiDwivediOfficial