This Video Will Give You a Major Confidence Boost

Here's how to be your own life coach!




Whether you've been planning world domination or simply aiming for a big promotion, you probably already know (and have been advised) that confidence makes all the difference.

The Oxford Dictionary defines it as  'The state of feeling certain about the truth'. And the truth is that you have a superpower: that nobody else can be you. The fact that you are a unique combination of talent and skill sets with which you can do literally anything you want to.

A little of Law of Attraction comes in next. Psych yourself out, remind yourself of how good you are and imagine you've already achieved what you've set out to. As for the rest, we'll let the TED-Ed video give you a 101.​

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_NYrWqUR40[/youtube]