"I Didn't Wash My Hair For a Week"

And this is how I pulled it off!




​It was exactly 10 days ago at Cosmo HQ when, during a spirited conversation, I accepted the challenge of NOT washing my hair for a week. It might not be much of a challenge in the 'real' world, but for someone in my profession (we have meetings and impromptu shoots almost every single day) and borderline OCD, it was a HUGE task. I usually wash my hair every day as I have an oily scalp and sometimes on alternate days depending on how oily my hair gets. Dreading what it would be like, here's what exactly happened…

Day 1: I started by washing my hair with Pantene Lively Clean. Recommended by my Editor, Nandini Bhalla, this is one of the best shampoos for oily scalp. It makes your hair squeaky clean and also gives you an extra day or two without having to use any product to salvage them. I stayed away from conditioner as it really weighs down my strands. My first-day hair is all about defined curls and it was quite easy to manage too.

Day 2: Since my second-day hair usually looks like I accidentally dropped an entire bottle of oil on it, I prepped my mane the night before by applying Johnson's Baby Powder Blossoms on my scalp to soak up the oil. I didn't use dry shampoo yet as, after a while, it makes my scalp itchy and I have to wash my hair the next day no matter what! I was amazed with the amount of volume baby powder gave my hair.

Day 3: My scalp started to get greasy (and slightly itchy too), so applied Biotique's Mountain Ebony serum. It's a hair growth serum but it also works well to calm down any kind of scalp irritation. The best part is that it doesn't make your hair greasy and controls flyways as well. I massaged it on my scalp and then used Johnson's Baby Powder Blossoms again to give some volume to my third-day hair!

Day 4: I repeated the serum + baby powder combo. But by afternoon, my hair became quite limp. To combat that I finally gave in and used BBlunt's Back To Life dry shampoo and it instantly uplifted my roots.

Day 5: This day turned out to be quite tricky as my hair had become really greasy and to make matters worse, I had to attend a party in the evening. As if it isn't bad enough already, I have fine hair, which is difficult to style. I tried using baby powder again but it didn't help much. I didn't want to repeat the dry shampoo either because I knew I wouldn't be able to go without washing my hair the next day…but I had no option. So once again I went with BBlunt's Back To Life dry shampoo and decided to go with side swept hair. I then used Sebastian's Halo Mist Shine Spray to add some shine to my dull locks and it worked wonderfully.

Day 6: I tried making a ponytail, but it just made my hair look too flat (obviously!). By now, my scalp became too itchy and I was like a monkey who's forever scratching its head. The serum came to my rescue yet again and I was able to tie my hair in a loose bun. Boy, do I love Biotique's Mountain Ebony serum!

Day 7: Oh, how I was looking forward to this day! But, just as my luck would have it, another another party invitation came out of nowhere. I so wanted to cheat and wash my hair but then this brilliant piece advice I got from the gorgeous Deepika Padukone herself popped into my head, "If my hair is greasy, I grease it up even more and make a top bun". And that's exactly what I did too. I may not be as fabulous as her, but it wasn't a bad call for a hairstyle *does the happy dance*. 

More than anything, I was thrilled that I actually did manage to complete the challenge without cheating. And learnt to manage my hair without OD-ing on the shampoo. Now I can go camping in the hills and not worry about looking like a cat that got drenched in the rain two days down the line!