OMG! NASA Released the REAL Image of India Post Diwali...

This is the real deal guys!




​Good morning y'all...we just got an awesome goodnight message from space, and we're thrilled (like obviously)! American astronaut, engineer and a retired US Navy Captain, Scott Kelly, just tweeted from space (yes, they can do that...gotta be a damn good wifi connection!) while orbiting over India the other night. Kelly tweeted a mind-blowing picture of South India wishing everyone a good night! Here's the tweet, see it for yourself!

Astronaut Kelly, who is the commander of International Space Station's year-long space mission, has been privy to an amazing view of Earth for over 200 days now. He also tweeted a pictures post the devastating Paris attack that left over a 100 dead and several injured.

For the past couple of years we've been gaping in awe over that (fake) image of India from outer space on Diwali night. However, the truth was revealed by NASA itself, dismissing all claims that they took this photo a couple of years ago.

We just hope we get to see more incredible photos from space courtesy astronaut Kelly!