HELLO, Progress! India Airs its First Lesbian Romance in Ages!

….aaaand it's already gone viral!




​As bold as its double-take-inducing name, MTV's The Big F has been causing quite the stir lately. This particular episode, I Kissed A Girl, was rife with unfettered 'forbidden' material (fitting perfectly into the controversial tagline of the show—Forbidden. Firsts. Fantasies.)—namely, comfortable and proud homoerotica.

Sharmishtha is 'just your regulation girl-next-door'. And while she's busy fending off arranged-marriage propositions fom interfering aunts, she just so happens to meet The One.

The One, for the first time in Indian television that can be remembered, really, is unabashedly and un-coweringly a woman.

A student of fashion design, Sharmistha faces a fierce cocktail of not being attracted to men and failing to figure out why. As she works tirelessly to solve the sexuality conundrum with sexy college-ka-hero in tow (in the role of Designated Platonic Male Friend, in walks love interest Madhurima. Things get cray when Madhurima finds herself torn between two kinds of chemistry—and between two sexes! The result? Controversial enough to truly piss off some fundamentalist groups and line up a protest or two.

Go ahead, form your own opinions.

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4072CNKNs3c[/youtube]