17 Things You'll Only Understand if You Have Sisters

Multiple sisters= Multiple shoes




Having four sisters myself, I think I can immodestly say that I'm almost an authority on everything to do with sisters, be it psychological manipulation to ​sharing schedule of clothes.

While it's not a piece of cake, having many sisters (especially if you don't have gaping age differences) is the best. I've never needed friends while growing up, and I always had a standing movie date at all times, even though this consequently led me to have the social skills of a brick wall, I wouldn't change it for anything. Maybe an all expense paid solo trip to Bali, but that's negotiable.

Here are all the things you can totally relate to if you, like me, had many sisters!

1) You never had the pressure to make friends in school or the playground. As sad as it may sound, having 4 sisters was always a benefit (it works especially well for you if you're an introvert like me). You can always rely on them for being there for you, whether it's boyfriend trouble or hiding a body....just kidding...it OBVIOUSLY never happened to me..*nervous laughter*

2) You always have extra clothes/shoes to choose from. I can safely say that I have shamelessly 'borrowed' clothes and shoes from my elder sisters at one point or the other.This applies only if you have sisters who're of the same or similar size. 

3) Going shopping is extra fun. As it happens, you don't have to choose between the two tops you had liked. You can buy one for yourself and your sister can buy the other one for herself. This is the kind of math I can get behind.

4) You and your sisters have code names for your parents. When you are kids, your parents are the enemy camp (the realization that they put ice-cream on our tables comes much later). Me and my sisters had long and winding debates on how are parents were actually evil, it might have been a reaction to the crushing disappointment we had at that age at not being Cinderella/ Snow White.

5) Your fights range from intelligent verbal sparring to THIS. IS. SPARTAAAA! Seriously, I pity my parents. Imagine having 4 teenagers. Under the same roof. And you're obligated to love them. Our parents deserve a medal. The reasons for fighting can range from 'She took my ______ without asking' to 'She said Will didn't deserve to be in the top 3 in the America's Next Top Model finale'.

6) You've had complicated groups amongst yourselves. If you have multiple siblings, like me, you'll know what I'm saying when I say that we have mastered the art of negotiations and diplomacy very early on in our lives. When you're 4 sisters, groups tend to form and if you happen to unfortunately be the middle sister, then your diplomacy skills are nothing short of Diffusing Dangerous Bomb level good.

7) You've had many people commenting on the fact that they don't get your jokes. When you have sisters, more often than not, you develop your own form of communication, which might make the extensive Na'vi language seem amateur. 

8) You've had detailed extraction plans made for things your parents hid from you. Whether it's food or priceless diamonds (don't worry, mom!) or a piece of gossip about someone you know, if your parents hid it from you, then you HAD to know. 

9) You've shared 'the' look more than once, when a person (who is mutually annoying) starts speaking. There is a particularly pointed look that you and your sister share, usually reserved for someone who you all hate, and that look is worth a thousand bitchy comments about said person.

10) You've made up elaborate lies and made your little sisters believe it. For the longest time I had my little sister believing that I was actually a robot (I was heavily influenced by Small World and was not very creative back then).

11) You and your sisters have always had an antenna for whenever one of you is feeling bad and immediately come to your side when you need them to. It can be either a nail breaking to a bad break-up, you don't need to say anything to them.

12) You've had people confuse your name with your sister's. For half the world's population, I am forevermore the 'third one', as it is much easier to remember than keeping a track of five whole names. It's either 'third one' or being called by my elder sister's name. Can't decide which is worse.

13) You have a synchronized dance routine for a terrible song/ or a great one prepared. 

No? Just us? Oh, well...

14) You always have a partner for all your diabolical schemes. She shares your evil blood, obviously she would assist in any plans you have, whether it's showing the neighbour's kids who's the boss, or world domination. Your sister got your back!

15) Your parents constantly complain about having a houseful of monsters but they secretly harbor 'Hum Saath Saath Hai' life goals. I am NOT kidding with this one. When your house is a Sooraj Barjatya dream a.k.a houseful of siblings (and your father is a Sooraj Barjatya fanatic) then you shouldn't be surprised if your parents expect you to be diabetes-inducing sweet like Salman Khan and co. in the movie.

16) It's always party time when all of you are under the same roof. When you're not fighting over hot water in the shower, or remote hogging, you have the best time goofing around with your sisters. 

17) You will rather spend time with them doing nothing than doing anything else with anybody in the world. As cliched as it may sound, sisters are your best friends. Despite the fact that they are obligated to love you, the special bond is hard to find with anyone else, unless they are Hugh Jackman and/or Hrithik Roshan. I am shallow like that.