OMG! These Guys Just Tried on Sanitary Pads!

And you'll never believe how they reacted.




​I'm a fan of social experiments. I truly believe that they're insightful, provide a lot of learning, and are hilarious, from time to time. So when there's a video of a new social experiment doing the rounds, I'm all over it.

And the latest one happens to be by Buzzfeed India. Believe it or not, but the guys at Buzzfeed actually tried on sanitary pads for an entire day (with the help of their more experienced, empathetic female colleagues, of course).

Here, check it out:

[facebook ]https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=998316873562133[/facebook]

Considering the judgment, the taboo, and whatnot women get to hear, courtesy 'menstruation' (a biological process that's out of our control, by the way), it was amazing to see the reactions that these men had.

"This is not comfortable."

"There's no healthy breeze around my privates anymore."

"Is it really itchy?"

And then there was of course, a hidden social message.

"The reason I'm feeling so icky about it is because men never talk about it."

"If someone asks us, we should be able to answer. Don't just go like, go to mummy. No!"

So the next time your boyfriend/friend/anyone who is not female gives you grief for getting your period, show him this. Plus, talk about it people, there's no shame here.