8 New Year's Resolutions We Make AND Break (Almost Immediately) Every Year!

This year I'll write a book, visit Mars, make a peace pact with aliens....or maybe next year.




Somebody very wise, or probably not, said that "...resolutions are made to be broken.." or maybe it was about rules, or maybe promises?...Basically something was made so that it could be broken!

Every New Year's we vow to ourself that we will achieve something in the coming year that we haven't been able to in the year that has gone by.

Here are 8 New Year's resolutions that almost everyone makes AND breaks after less than a week into the new year!

1) Lose weight and get fit.

Basically my resolution since forever, and one look at a gorgeous KitKat lying innocently somewhere and that resolution is out of the window.

2) Learn something new.

So had I stuck to my past resolutions then I'd have been a master linguist or probably a big show-off but in several languages. Each year I vow that I would learn a new 'something', a language or a skill, and the results are always the same. By the end of the year, the only Italian word I know is 'pasta', and the only guitar I know how to play is the invisible, air kind.

3) Save money.

One look at sale at Crossword and I am out. 

4) Quit _____________.

I've known SO many people who have sworn to quit something in their New Year's resolution list. It can be to quit smoking, quit lying or, in my case, quit believing that Shah Rukh Khan is in love with me.

5) Eat healthier.

This is basically a part of the resolution to 'get fit' and all it takes is usually a reminder of JUST how wonderful a KitKat is to toss that one right out of the window.

6) Get organized.

This basically applies to people who are not organized (in case that wasn't obvious). Every year I tell myself that I would be more organized at life, and for a week I do manage to pull it off, but it's just not natural to have things where they're supposed to be, right?

7) Travel to new places.

Something or the other will always come in between your plan to explore new and exotic places, be it work, family, money or something. But this is one of the resolution that is broken the most, after 'promises to join the gym'.

8) Be less stressed.

I am already stressed at my list of resolutions for the next year, so basically this one is a goner from the beginning.

We know that making resolutions is as pointless as hoping that Shah Rukh Khan would show up at your door a la Richard Gere from Pretty Woman, but each New Year's eve we make a list again because that's what NEw Year's is all about. Hope. Hope that Shah Rukh Khan would...no? OK!

What are your New Year's resolutions this time?

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