Meet the Woman Behind India Art Fair

and she started this when she was just 25!




Neha Kirpal, Founder, India Art Fair​

Putting together a world-class art fair ("we're the fifth most frequented one in the world," Neha tells us) takes just as much talent as it does to paint a masterpiece. "I wanted to put Indian art on the map," Neha tells us, adding that, "I hated the assumption that any art that came from India was mediocre."

The India Art Fair, which had its seventh edition this year, and saw participation from 85 galleries (a gargantuan number in the Indian art context), currently reigns as the largest Indian and International art forum in the country. What made Neha take the audacious step to start this up at just 25 was "a desire to give people access to art. I was young and idealistic when I started it, and it was pooh-poohed by a lot of people, but soon artists began to flock to it." She adds that her biggest accomplishment, in her opinion, is keeping it going. "It's easy to get excited and start something—keeping it going is the real test."