This Video of an Abused Dog Being Petted For the First Time Will Break Your Heart

Thank God, from now on she'll know only love.




Disclaimer: If you're an animal lover, this might be the hardest thing you watch today—it might even make you cry. I couldn't help but tear up myself. But it's important to remember that the bad part is over—this dog, Priscilla in Romania, now has nothing but love and affection in her life from the woman who rescued her, Monica Mitreanu, and the family that took her in. 

The video was taken an animal a shelter called Breasta-Craiova. In the footage we see the emaciated little dog,Pricilla, incredibly frightened and yelping with pure pain and fright at being gently and fondly stroked by Monica. 

Watch the video here...

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iogpZHkfN2I&feature=youtu.be[/youtube]

Priscilla's story, given in the video's description on Youtube, talks about how horribly she was abused since she was a puppy. So deep-rooted and regular was this abuse that she has learnt to associate any form of human touch with violence. So, when Monica pets her for the first part of the video, even though she is just being touched kindly, she is so prepared for violence coming her way that she howls out so heart-wrenchingly, the idea of what she's has been through becomes unbearable for anyone watching.

Thankfully, the video also shows how Priscilla eventually overcomes the trauma of her puppyhood, and becomes a happy dog—and is even taken in by a family that really loves her, and treats her well. The video went viral because of how heartbreaking it is, and because it sired hope and encouraged people to help an animal who was possibly going through the same kind of abuse.