12 Facts About Chocolate That Will Blow Your Mind!

Did you know: If you eat a lot of chocolate, you're basically a genius already?




1) Melting chocolate in your mouth can give you more pleasure than kissing. ​chocolate has been known to give a mental high more intense than any actual physical contact such as kissing.

2) There is a co-relation between the amount of chocolate a country consumes and the number of Nobel Laureates the country has produced. Chocolate has been known to improve cognitive functions in not only individuals but also in whole populations, which is basically science for chocolate can make you a genius. Are you reading this mom?

3) The inventor of chocolate chip cookies traded the recipe with Nestle in exchange of a lifetime supply of chocolate. Ruth Wakefield accidentally invented chocolate chip cookies, when she was running out of cookie dough and mixed bits of Nestle chocolate bar in it and as a result got chocolate chip cookies instead, she then traded the recipe with Nestle in return for a lifetime supply of chocolate! Pretty sweet deal, geddit?

4) Death by chocolate is very real. Chocolate contains high levels of thebromine, which (if ingested in large quantities) can damage heart and kidneys, cause seizures and dehydration! But this will only happen if you eat like 40 bars of Dairy Milk in one go!

5) White chocolate is not real chocolate. I KNEW IT! There was always something suspicious about them white chocolates. They do not contain any cocoa, but are made out of cocoa butter. LIES.

6) World's most expensive chocolate was a 100 year old Cadbury! It was the bar that was brought along with Captain Robert Scott's Discovery Expedition to Antarctica and it sold for about INR 46,000!

7) You're very likely to reveal your passwords in return of a chocolate bar! A study has revealed that about 70% of people would happily tell people their passwords in exchange for a chocolate bar.

8) If you're feeling tired, eat a chocolate chip. A single chocolate chip can give you enough energy to walk 150 feet.

9) Every Russian and American space expedition has taken chocolate along with them. The reason for this is, according to my extensive knowledge of astronomy and space travel, to have something to negotiate with any aliens encountered in the space and to negotiate any space treaties. #Legit.

10) Chocolate has anti bacterial effect on our mouths that can prevent tooth decay. YES. We've been doing things the wrong way our whole life. Instead of brushing our teeth, we could have been eating chocolate. WHAT A WASTE. 

Before putting this in practice consult a dentist, who may or may not laugh at this suggestion and probably kick you out of their clinic.

11) Napoleon always carried some chocolate with him for an energy boost. There you go, one thing Napoleon and I have in common. 

12) Dark chocolate reduces risks of heart disease by 1/3. BRB, stocking up on Bournville for life.

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