8 Reasons Why February is the BEST MONTH, every year!

And the best day of the week starts with 'F' too.

1. Less weekdays

= less work-days! Reason enough to make Feb totally fab.

2. The weather is so much better than other months

Because walking into spring is a walk to remember! No sweating. No freezing.

3. World Nutella Day!

On the 5th of Feb, you are allowed to do nothing but snack on a jar of Nutella without being judged! What could be better?


Because an end-of-season sale is the time to splurge!

5. You get your salary a few days earlier than usual.

Less days, more money. #blessed

6. Valentine's Day!

 A reason to eat, drink and go nuts—irrespective of your relationship status and age. 

7. T.V is gooood.

Because it's award season, of course.

​8.  You can just write Jan off as 'trial month' and start your new year in FEB!

Time to stick to your 'new year resolutions' now, eh?