This Picture Is Proof of Everything That's Wrong With Humanity

We have no words.




On the 5th of February, this horrific nightmare occurred on the streets of Mumbai. These poor monkeys were tied up and displayed in the middle of a throng of local residents, who clapped and cheered while they sat there, defenseless. 

According to these residents, this macaque monkey (with some of her mates) was raiding people's homes, stealing food and ripping up their bedding. That's when the angry mob called in the services of a 'professional monkey catcher', who managed to get the animal to come out, using some fruit as bait. 

That's when the catcher tied the animal like you see...and the residents began to clap and cheer him on. What's more, the helpless animal was then paraded around while the onlookers reveled in the fact that it had been captured.

Thankfully, the authorities have made a statement that they intend to set the macaque free, and back into the wild.

'We will make sure the monkey is fit and we will have him released on the outskirts of Thane' the Mumbai's Maharashtra Forest Department official statement on the subject reads. (It still seems a bit 'too little, too late').

Spread the word if you think this kind of treatment (and getting away with it) is condemnable. We, for one, at Cosmo, think it's detestable for an animal—any animal—to be treated this way; regardless of the circumstances. Stop the cruelty, NOW.