This Rescued Dog Has Travelled 12 Countries in 5 Years!

Including New York, Canada, Spain, Italy and many more...!




This adorable pooch is basically all our #VacayGoals combined with all its adventures across the world!

Meet Willie, the schnoodle that has visited more than 40 cities (that we all want to visit at least once in our life!) in last five years. 

Its journey wasn't exactly a breeze. Willie was rescued by Justin Bhagat, when he found it abandoned and starving on the streets of  New Orleans.

Bhagat, who is an ardent traveller, found a kick-ass travel partner in Willie and has been documenting their adventures that are as awesome as you can imagine!

Bhagat makes a point to travel only on those airlines that allow the pet to sit in the cabin and book pet-friendly hotels. He carries Willie in a baby carrier whenever he's tired and calls him a 'very easy traveller'. 

"He just completely trusts everyone that he approaches and it's opened my eyes to the amount of goodness in the world. Wherever we go, he approaches everyone to say hello and regularly stops to sit with them," Bhagat shared in an interview​.

Photo Credits: HotSpot Media