So Women are Better AND Safer Drivers, According to Science!

*shoves all condescending and sexist jokes in the car trunk*




There have been many (MANY!) jokes and comedy sketches on how women can't drive beca​use that's obviously hilarious but all that is going to change now.

According to a survey done by MetLife, 51% of women claimed that they considered themselves to be better drivers, and w should too!

A study done by Insweb showed that women pay 9% less auto insurance than men and because of this, pay lower interest rates on insurance too.

A study by Quality Planning says that "Women are on average less aggressive and more law-abiding drivers -- attributes that lead to fewer accidents."

But to be fair to men, they aced the survey of automotive knowledge. The poll showed that more men were aware of safety equipment and stability controls, which is a strike in their favour.

In the same MetLife survey, 39% men claimed that they were the better and safer drivers, and 35% were clueless as to what gender to pick!

In another study, it was discovered that the mortality rate of men vs women, in motor accidents, does not look good for men. Over 11,900 male drivers died in U.S traffic accidents in 2009, compared to about 4,900 women, according to the study.

There you go! Some women might be great drivers, some women might be terrible drivers. But with this backing, it's clear that all the past stereotypes have no base now!