Okay, So This Indian Forest Actually Glows in the Dark!

No, this isn't an LSD trip.




Deep in the jungles of Maharashtra's Bhimshankar Wildlife Reserve (roughly 100 kms from East of Mumbai), a pretty strange and fascinating natural phenomenon occurs. When the sun goes down and the dark sets on the forest, the entire forest come alight.

DISCLAIMER: This only happens for a few months in the monsoon.

The reason this happens in the tropical forest in the Western Ghat is that the fluorescent glow is bioluminescent fungus that grows on the rotting barks and twigs, and is found specifically in a few select forest regions of Maharashtra and Goa.

While it's fairly normal to find this happening in water bodies, (read: glowing marine organisms) but bio-luminescence on land is pretty goddamn rare—only 70 out of 10,000 species of fungi are capable of it.

Want to witness it first-hand? Plan a trip anytime from June to October. #Travelsgoals!

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