This Ad Showing How Single Women are Treated in China Will Break Your Heart...

"We're single, but not leftovers."




There is a stigma surrounding single women, not particularly local to any one country or culture, but a global belief that there is something inherently wrong with a woman who is single post the age of 25-30.

There's even a name in China for single women, above the age of 25, 'sheng nu', that literally translates to 'leftover women'.

But skincare brand SK-II seeks to change this horrible belief with their documentary style campaign, 'The Marriage Market Takeover' that is going viral on the Internet, featuring China's 'leftover women'.

A part of the brand's #changedestiny campaign, an ongoing global campaign to inspire and empower women to shape their own destiny, the movie features the heart breaking story of Chinese women who are being pressured into getting married by the age of 25 because of society's conventions and their parents' belief that there must be something wrong with their daughters and that might be the cause of them being single.

In the film, many women talk about how torn they feel between the expectations of the  society to build a family and their own desire to choose how they live their lives.

​"I don't want to get married just for the sake of marriage. I won't live happily that way," says Li Yu Xuan in the film.

Through this brilliant campaign, these women are asking to denounce the stigma of being single and bridge the gap between generations and increase mutual respect by understanding that it's a woman's right to choose her own path and lifestyle.

Women are hoping that this video will help to show that single is not shameful, and we really hope that it can make a difference.