This Brilliant Concept Could Actually End Hunger in Mumbai!

...and you'd be surprised at how it takes NOTHING to do.

In a world where it's easy to be conflicted about giving to charity, this solution takes the conundrum out of the act altogether. Instead of choosing what you will and won't part with, this simple act of just putting a sticker on a box takes away any kind of materialistic dilemma.

In a stroke of pure genius, the #Sharemydabba initiative reaches out to hungry kids across Mumbai by asking people to label their tiffin boxes (that the Mumbai dabbawalas deliver with such fluid efficiency) with a little, red 'Share' sticker. 

The boxes with this label are the sorted by the tiffin delivery men, and the leftover food is delivered to children across the city. The number of children coincides with frightening similarity to the number of dabbas delivered each day.

Watch the video for more about this idea, and definitely contribute if you live in the city.

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