There's a Very Fascinating Reason Why Ladybugs are Called LADYbugs!

In case you ever wondered...




There are a lot of unsolved mysteries in life that we need answers to. Like, why are all good things bad for us (looking at you, mud pie) or are we ruled by alien overlords? No?....Just me...? OK.

One such 'Life's Unsolved Mystery' is the fact that ladybugs are called ladybugs when there is nothing characteristic about them that lends to their being named so.

But thanks to 'Today I Found Out' we now know why!

So according to  Ladybugs of Alberta: Finding the Spots and Connecting the Dots, ​ladybugs have been named after one specific lady: The Virgin Mary.

For real!

There are several theories as to why is it so, but the most plausible and fascinating one is that when farmers didn't have pesticides or insecticides to kill the insects that infested and ruined their harvest, they prayed to Virgin Mary to send them help to destroy these pests. The legend says that their prayers were answered and one day a swarm of tiny red insects came and destroyed all the crop-ruining pests and saved the farmers. Since Virgin Mary is shown to be wearing a red cloak in most paintings and depictions, the farmers saw this as a sign and named the little red insects 'ladybugs'.

This theory is further validated by the fact that many European languages have named ladybug after God or Mary, for instance in Germany, ladybugs are called 'Marienkäfer', that translates to Mary's beetle.

Watch the video right here:

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDu-S_7NB-8[/youtube]

Well, the more you know!