5 Compelling Reasons Why Every Woman Must Travel Alone

Lifetime memories guaranteed!




Break the Monotony

After a point of time, life gets pretty boring with all the same household work, office stuff, and all you need is some me time. Solo travelling gives you that much needed break from the pressures of a normal life.

Explore Your Own Company

Friends are always not around to keep you entertained, and once when you start loving your own company—trust us, there's no better feeling than that. Travelling solo will give you the opportunity to hang out with yourself, laugh to yourself and most importantly, take opinions from yourself.

Make New Friends

Obviously, you've to stay cautious while travelling alone, but striking conversation and even becoming friends with fellow passengers and locals can prove to be an amazing experience. It'll help you to discover different viewpoints, and would be loaded with stories to share once you're back.

Do Your Own Thing

This is probably the best thing about travelling alone—there would be nothing that can stop you from challenging your limits. You can stay out till late night, visit places you wouldn't go with anyone else, make instant plans and do all those disgusting things you've always thought of. No one is judging you!

Enjoy Independence

Whether it's about missed flights, cancelled reservations or some random new plans—you're the incharge of everything, and have to make things work out any how. After dealing with all these unexpected situations, you'll become more adaptable and confident for handling whatever life throws at you.


This one is quite obvious. When you're on a journey where you discover new places, culture, cuisine, friends, viewpoints—that too all alone— you're bound to make lifetime memories.