Would You Dine at a Naked Restaurant?

Because 5,000 people are on the waiting list already…




Yes, you're reading this right; London is opening its first 'naked' restaurant this Summer for three long, clothes-free months.


The VERY creative people behind the new pop-up The Bunyadi clearly saw a gap in the market for dining au naturel, which they describe as a 'secret Pangea-like world, free from phones, electric lights and even clothing.'


Named after the Hindi word 'base' or 'natural' the restaurant will be split into both a naked, and non-naked section for those wanting to dine in the buff, or keep their clothes firmly on.


And despite the excitement around the new venture, and the incredible long waiting list of around 5,000 people, the menu has yet to be revealed. We're not convinced we're ready to eat in the nude yet - although at least it prevents any wine or food spillage on your clothes!