Real Girls Share Their Most SHOCKING Confessions!

"Every time I go to a new restaurant or bar, I put on an American accent!"




1. "I'm so obsessed with fashion that I once skipped lunch for two months straight and put that money towards buying a Michael Kors bag. My parents could've totally bought me like, five, but I really wanted to get one my own. #Pride!" —Priyanka C., 21

2. ​"I'm madly in love with this guy, and the sex is pretty good too. Except, he really enjoys giving me naked lap dances! They're ridiculous, but I'm afraid of telling him because he'll be hurt. So I just pretend to enjoy them..." —Nainika G., 31

3. "We were on a family vacation in Goa after ages, and I'd accidentally spilt water on my bed. So, I decided to pick up my duvet and go sleep on the couch in my parent's room...and I walked in on them 'doing it!' I quietly retreated and slept on my floor. They still don't know, but this is something I cannot unsee." —Priya M., 21

4. "I once hooked up with a guy because he had the cutest puppy, and I wanted to keep seeing him (the dog)!" — Malvika C., 22

5. "I once told my best friend that this girl I hate had called her all sorts of horrible names. She was really tight with her, and it bothered me that they were friends. They're not anymore. I know I should feel guilty, and I do a little bit, but even if my friend found out, she'd have thanked me later." —Kusum G., 21

6. "There's something about my husband's best friend that I just find super-attractive—we have so much in common. We like all the same books, films, and listen to very similar music too. I think he might have feelings for me too, but of course, we can't act on it. I know I won't do anything about it, but I still feel so guilty whenever I'm around him!" —Shazia T., 28

7. "Every time I go to a new restaurant or bar, I put on an American accent! I don't really do it to sound fancy—but because, for some reason, I just always get better service whenever I start talking that way. My friends find it beyond hilarious, but whatever, it totally works." —Gauri P., 24

Guys confess:8. "I met this really hot girl at a bar, and I couldn't help but go up and talk to her. We had this brilliant chemistry, and we ended up hooking up that night. I really wanted to see her again—and I think I would've, except she found out I had a girlfriend!" —Jairam C., 26