How to Fold a T-Shirt Perfectly in Two Seconds

This home hack really does work




Folding up the laundry isn't our favourite task, and for some of us, the results tend to resemble a jumble sale rather than the pristine wardrobe we dream of owning. However, this clever T-shirt folding hack has been doing the rounds online, showing you how to fold the item perfectly in two seconds flat.

We love anything that cuts down the time spent on life's more mundane tasks (as well as providing super-neat results, of course) so thought we'd share this trick with you… 

1) Grab the T-shirt with thumb and forefinger at two points: one at the shoulder, and one around halfway down, with both hands in line. Make sure you are holding on to both the front and back layers of the fabric when you do this.

2) Keeping hold of the middle of the fabric already in your grasp, bring your top hand down and grab the bottom of the garment, again in line with the previous crease.

​3) Flip your hands around so the T-shirt is hanging down folded in half, then use a table to create the final fold. Voila! 

​Ok, it sounds a bit tricky when you read it aloud, but practice this method a couple of times and you'll totally get the knack of it. Happy folding!