13 Struggles of Being a Leftie

Y'now, only the best 16% of the population.

1. You can't use a pen without getting a filthy hand. Literally, not even possible. And gel pens are the DEVIL. Who ever thought having that much loose ink rolling around the page, just waiting to be smudged, would be a good idea?

2. Stationery shopping in general wasn't nearly as exciting when all the pretty spiral notebooks and ring binders were a no-go. That is, if you want to actually write in them.

3. Don't even get us started on SCISSORS.


4. You're so OVER right handed people being like, 'I write with the right hand'. We get it, you're common.

5. Can openers are the bane of your existence. Your right hand is weak AF.

6. You often struggle to use public desks in lecture and conference halls. Why? Because they were designed by a right-handed prick. Yet another failure on behalf of the design industry at large.

7. You don't understand why the left lyf has so many bad connotations in pop culture. Why did you put the stuff in a box to the left, Bey? And why have all the haters been sent to the left??

8. Growing up, your school was always too much of a tightarse to invest in enough left-handed baseball mitts. So there you were, using a right handed mitt, just pretending to fit in when in reality you could have been god's gift to baseball. But you guess we'll never know.

9. Same goes for the guitar.

10. You know you're more talented than your co-workers 'cause you've learnt to use the computer mouse right handed like it's NBD (you dexterous thing). Or, you rock the left handed mouse and know your mad skills boggle co-workers.

11. When you see someone else is a lefty, you feel an instant bond with them.

12. When you found out that polar bears are also left-handed, you felt infinitely better about the whole leftie thing. Polar bears are the BEST.

13. As annoying as your leftie needs can be, you know you're in the coolest 16% of the population.