Do You Think Being A Women Will Make It Harder To Do Well At Work?

Here's what you said...

Cosmo conducted a survey and asked readers if being a woman will make it harder or easier for them to advance in their ​careers. The results are out:​

"Luckily, I work at the kind of company that only really gives a sh*t about what kind of work I'm doing—my gender has absolutely no bearing in the matter."

—Devyani J., 26, interior architect

"Being a female lawyer in this country is still a hard feat— you don't get taken too seriously in court, and even clients don't trust you quite as much as they trust your male counterparts. It adds to the challenge, though."

—Laetitia D., 23, law intern

"We live in an era where equality of the genders is pretty high up on the priority list—I think people would think twice now before passing me up for promotion just because I'm a woman."

— Farah Z., 28, personal banker