What Type of Holiday Packer Are You?

A new study has revealed we fit into three categories.




When it comes to packing, we all have our own quirky habits. ATOL, UK Civil Aviation Authority, asked leading psychologist Donna Dawson to analyse the results of a recent study on holiday packing and found that the majority of us fall neatly into three 'packing categories'. 

The first – and most popular – type of packers are known as 'perfectionist packers'. These are those who are super organised: think strategically placed items all in a rainbow of colour-coded glory.

Next up are 'kitchen sinkers', those who are guilty of packing more than they need, while another category is 'seasoned savvy sorters', those who have learnt their own tricks from previous holidays. 

And lastly – though also the most familiar – are 'chaotic cases'. These travellers are the people who pack last-minute and end up forgetting crucial items. 

So what determines which packing camp we fall into? Donna says it all comes down to your personality, which determines how much time we allocate to preparing ourselves and actually packing.