Here's Why Actress Sayani Gupta Prefers Being Called a 'Humanist'...

...rather than a feminist




"I honestly feel that the word 'feminism' is very loosely used. Although it stands for many different struggles and achievements for women, I'm a little apprehensive about the term itself. If you tell someone you're a feminist, it still evokes, after so many years, an idea that you're a man hater, butch, etc. I'd rather call myself a humanist because I believe in equality for both sexes—be it the right to education, food, living conditions et al. Having said that, I really respect the whole feminist movement because it coaxes you to value equality. The staunch patriarchal set-up of our society needs to stop objectifying women and start looking at them as human beings. It is what the feminists around the world need to fight for..."

Shorts, Zara; gladiators, Michael Kors; earrings, Misho at NIMAI, Styling: Zunaili Malik, Photograph: Mehtab Mann