10 Hilarious Dogs You Need to Follow On Instagram

For every dog lover out there, this is what you've been missing.




1. @smileytheblindtherapydog

A bundle of joy that lives up to his name, Smiley was born with disabilities, and his eyes were sewn shut to avoid infections. But there's no reason to be glum about it coz' despite being blind, the 12-year old has healed many people through 'puppy therapy' (yes, it's a thing!). His Instagram page depicts his journey as a companion, healer, and as a hero.

Check out the adorable pooch below:​

2. @toastmeetsworld

One of King Charles' rescued puppy mill dogs, Toast is a toothless diva with a cute li'l tongue sticking out. One of the most fashionable dogs in the world, Toast's Instagram is all about her fabulous life. 

3. @manny_the_frenchie

He didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose him! Manny is the typical suave, family-oriented French bulldog (with three siblings) who loves bacon! On his Instagram page, you'll find pictures of the cute little fella who's got it all—the looks, the babes, and most importantly, the bacon. 

4. @loki_the_wolfdog

Loki is that friend in the group who's always up for an adventure. A  Siberian husky, Malamute and Arctic Wolf Hybrid, Loki's life hack is living in the moment—he's also an avid camper and a total adrenaline junkie! Follow this fun guy and become a part of his adventures. 

5. @mensweardog

Bodhi is an incredibly good-looking Shiba Inu. And that's why he decided to use his good looks for all the right reasons—yep, you guessed it right, he's a model, and probably the most versatile one you'd ever come across! If you love shopping for your guy, follow this account to get all the inspo you'll ever need. 

6. @deanthebasset

Dean is a Basset Hound with gloriously long-floppy ears! He's probably your spirit animal when you're having a lazy day with his immense love for lounging. Dean's dreamy eyes are his best feature. If you also share his love for day dreaming, you know what to do—hit the Follow button! 

7. @tobypuff

Toby, an extremely fluffy chow, is better known as tobypuff. This talented li'l fella can do Swiss Rolls on command, lurves swimming, and admiring beautiful gardens.

Follow Toby to accompany him on his strolls. 

8. @ludotyalorthebeagle

Ludo Taylor is the high school crush you never got over! With his boyish charm and mesmerising eyes, we couldn't help but fall in love instantly. While following him proceed with precaution, you may never get your heart back.

9. @yogurt_thepirate

Yogurt is the one-eyed living sensation, who despite her condition is full of optimism and light. She's a sucker for warm and cozy spaces. Follow this beauty to admire her perfect imperfections. 

10. @crusoe_dachshund

Crusoe is the guy who you wish you were! He knows how to fly, can drive a car (a toy car, but a car nonetheless!), he's a chef, and he's in the NBA. Follow Crusoe stay constantly inspired on how to up your game a notch, every single time!