7 Rumours About the iPhone 7 That We're Hoping are True

More storage with bigger battery? We'd love that!

1. The iPhone 7 Will Release This September

As both iPhone6S and iPhone 6 were revealed in September, Apple has no reason to change its standard strategy. After keeping track of the release dates of the products in history, we're likely to see the iPhone 7 in the first or second week of September 2016.

2. No 16GB Option

Having no more 'Storage Almost Full' notification would be a boon for every iPhone user and rumours suggest that Apple is planning to do away with the 16GB base model entirely, so we get minimum 32 GB space on every phone.

3. A Better Battery Life

The brand has tried to shrink some internal parts to make room for a bigger battery so we can likely expect more powerful battery life from the 7th generation.

4. Wireless Charging

Apple has been testing a prototype with wireless charging and a Chinese social network, Weibo says that it's not the only function Apple is testing. Other prototypes such as finger print scanner in the screen, USB connector, and multi-force touch are also in their trial list.

5. A Sleeker Rear Case

According to early rumours, the iPhone7 will ditch the antenna lines and camera bump so the rear case is sleeker. Some rumours even have us believe that there's a possibility of the home button to be in the centre of the screen to make it more convenient for the user (but we hope that doesn't happen because that would just be weird).

6. No Headphone Jack

The struggle of getting your earpods' wire getting stuck with objects and tangled when not in use might be over, as the newest phone could possibly have the headphone jack removed to make it the slimmest iPhone ever. The 3.5 mm headphone jack may be replaced with a wireless, Bluetooth headset that pairs with the phone.

7. New Version of iOS

Since we are currently on iOS 9.3.2, logic suggests that the newest iPhone will be shipped with running iOS10 just like the previous versions came pre-loaded with the latest versions.