Ultimate Trick To Get Ketchup Out Of A Bottle

Prepare to have your minds blown!




As pretty as the glass Heinz ketchup bottles look on your breakfast table on a Saturday morning, they can be an absolute nightmare to get tomato sauce out of.

That is until you adopt this incredible trick into your ketchup eating routine. Have you ever noticed the number 57 on your Heinz products? Although its origin lies in the term '57 varieties'' the little 57s etched into your glass Heinz bottle have a completely different function. They have in fact been placed in a position on the bottle that's easiest to get ketchup out from. We're not kidding: turn your ketchup bottle at an angle and hit exactly on the point of one of the 57s on the neck and you should have yourself a steady stream of tomato-ey goodness. 

We got in touch with the Heinz team who did confirm this incredible food hack. 'To release ketchup faster from a glass bottle, here is a little secret from Heinz,' one of their spokespeople told us. 'The sweet spot to tap on the Heinz bottle is the "57" on the neck. All you need to do is apply a firm tap where the bottle narrows, and the ketchup will come out more easily.' So forget banging the base of the bottle frantically trying to get the ketchup out, or worse still, attempting to stick a knife down the neck of the bottle – this tip should save your ketchup problems once and for all.