21 Things You'll Only Get If You Went To Christ College, Bangalore

Everybody say C. I. A!




#1. The food court was always the place to be, but most of you never once dreamt of playing basketball.​​

#2. And then there those seven guys who played SO much basketball, you wondered if they ever went to class.​

#3. The term 'CIA' didn't mean Central Intelligence Agency to you, it meant Continuous Internal Assessment and it was the BANE of your existence.

#4. The BBM kids were somehow always richer than the Arts and Science kids.

#5. You knew no greater pain than getting to college at 9:01 and having the doors close on you.

#6. You had your ID card confiscated atleast once for trying to get away with jeans under your kurta.

#7. You ate a LOT of lunches at Kairali.

#8. You smoked a LOT of ciggies at Juicy's.

#9. You had a LOT of doubts about whether the chicken was really chicken at Hot 'n' Cool.

#10. You had atleast ONE friend that lived in SG Palya.

#11. Being sent to Father Viju meant you had done some SERIOUS shit.

#12. You thought you were a major baller because you won something at Inbloom until your second year, when you were "so over Inbloom".

#13. You watched a lot of films at Forum because, hey, two hour lunch day.

#14. Having a Subway at Forum was a luxury lunch, back in the day. If you could get a cookie with it, you were a veritable Goddess.

#15. Nothing good ever came of going to the auditorium.

#16. You must've paid the college three salaries in attendance-shortage fees.

#17. You had a lot of strange sandwich combinations from the guy behind the food court (that also sold fresh juice).

#18. You wished there could've been some actual ragging at the ragging-free Fresher's party.

#19. You thought the Anti-Ragging Committee was the most hilarious thing ever.

#20. You'd come three hours before your exam to 'study'. And you'd leave the second after it, for Konians.

#21. You were either there for, or heard about, the "Christ University" phase.