7 Unseen Pictures of SRK, Salman and Aamir Khan You Have Gotta See!

Hello, throwback Saturday!




The very idea of all the Khans coming together for a 'Say Cheese' moment right now is pretty much implausible. But, way back when...

Welcome to our little joyride. Next stop; Nostalgia mountain!

#1. Back in the day, when we are ALL a little Chunky-er.

#2. I got them moves like Jagger ♫

#3. Wondering what made THIS happen!

#4. Is it over yet? Can we pee now?!?

#5. Looks like AAL IS WELL...

#6. No caption needed. Just look at SRK!

#7. Well before a bunch of tough*ss women formed the Gulab Gang...